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FlashDx's proprietary semi-Solid Phase Real Time PCR (sSPRT™) technologies enables customers to achieve lab standard quality data for molecular testing in a near patient care setting.
Paired with our innovative microfluidic cartridge preloaded with buffer and lyophilized reagents, the system utilizes highly multiplexed TaqMan-like qPCR to detect various targets in a single test. This cost-effective solution meets all your needs for accuracy and affordability, making it the ideal choice for sydromic testing.
With ~1 minute hands-on time and no additional step of sample preparation, users can have the simplest workflow and true sample-to-answer solution for molecular detection.
Easy to use
1 minute to load the sample and the cartridge
One test, up to 50 targets tested
Fully enclosed cartridge minimizes contamination risks
Sample-to-answer system provides a report within one hour
Flexible multi-system configuration satisfies different sample throughput needs
Fully automated sample-to-answer system allows any user to complete multiplexed molecular tests with only 1 minute hands-on time at any place. One test on a single sample provides answers against multiple targets. No more guess work.
Human Test
Animal Health
sSPRT™ 4T/8T/12T Sample to Answer Molecular Test System
sSPRT™ 4T/8T/12T Sample to Answer Molecular Test System is powered by proprietary semi-Solid Phase Real-Time PCR technologies, FlashDx® provides customers highly multiplexed true sample-to-answer solution with simplest workflow. With its expandable multi-slot new instruments, customers will have full random access to various diseases and sample types at any time, anywhere.
FlashDx® sSPRT™ 4T/8T/12T Sample to Answer Molecular Test System
Plug N Play instrument with intuitive touchscreen, self-calibration, LIS-ready connection and etc. Complete a multi-target molecular test in a breeze. The single sample system is offered as 1-unit and 4-unit configurations.
Respiratory Panel 1.1
The easy-to-use RP1.1 panel accurately testing 13 respiratory pathogens allow prompt and appropriate treatment.
Respiratory Panel 1.1
SARS-CoV-2/Flu A/Flu B/RSV
Accurately differentiating all 4 viruses in one test helps everyone to get through the flu season more easily.
SARS-CoV-2/Flu A/Flu B/RSV
SARS-CoV-2 Cartridge
Rapid and robust detection of SARS-CoV-2 with 3 gene targets tested simultaneously: N, E and ORF1ab genes.
SARS-CoV-2 Cartridge
sSPRT™ STI Panel
Detecting six reproductive tract infection pathogens in a single test enables timely identification of mixed and asymptomatic cases, guiding effective clinical interventions.
sSPRT™ STI Panel
Group B Strep (GBS) Test
FlashDx's rapid GBS test delivers accurate results under an hour, enabling timely treatment for GBS-positive pregnant women thus preventing serious infections in newborns.
Group B Strep (GBS) Test
More cartridges are coming soon.
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Founded by US and European industry experts with Silicon Valley knowhow, FlashDx Inc offers a turn-key sample-to-answer Molecular test platform based on proprietary sSPRT™ (semi-Solid Phase Real-Time PCR) technologies. Product portfolio includes syndromic infectious test cartridges and scalable systems. The portfolio will expand to oncology and other disease areas.
We are partnering with KOLs from top tier hospitals worldwide and Open to more collaborators including Distributors, LDT Labs, Development partners.
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